Master Thesis Simon Staudacher

MUMBAI MAXIMUM CITY, MSc Architecture - Concentration Design Theory, 2007-08


Prof. Johannes Käferstein, Moreno Piccolotto

After having probed a semester of simulating vertical congestion ”at home”, we will disembark in the world’s fourth largest metropolis (20’043’000 population 2001). This results in 49’191 inhabitants/km2, versus 219 inhabitants/km2 in Liechtenstein, and will be a physical and healthy lesson on density and congestion.

Typologies of contemporary urban, vertical living in extreme climatic circumstances will preoccupy us in the confrontation with local building traditions. A classic culture shock and the shadow of Le Corbusier will shape our perception and ideas of identity and articulation of architectural space.

The course focuses on a conceptual approach towards a personal formulation of architectural thinking, as well as the permanent striving for independent production of specific space and structure by transforming and transferring acquired knowledge across different cultural contexts and traditions. The investigation and application of various methods of ”dialectical making” will assist us in the design of a high-rise building in Mumbai.